Jun 15 2013, 11:46 AM
Updates after the initial release:
I. Context (Right Click) menu added to "Seed Keywords" text box. (Functions : Clear, Copy, Sort A to Z, etc.)
I. Context (Right Click) menu added to Research & Analyze grids. (Functions : Filter Selected, Select Excluded.)
II. "Auto File Names" check box added to Settings. (Uncheck this option to manually name your exported files.)
I. Project dropdown button added to bottom left corner of the software.
- "New Project " will start a new project deleting every keyword in every tab.
- "Save Project" will save all the keyword in every tab to a file.
- "Load Project" loads a previously saved project.
II. Fixed a bug where Kx failed to login to Google AdWords Keyword Tool.
III. Fixed a bug where occasionally mouse pointer jumped to upper left corner of the screen.
I. "Seed Keywords" textbox capacity is now 16 times bigger. (It can handle over 20,000 lines of seed keywords)
I. Bing now supports asterix at the beginning and in the middle of the seed keywords.
II. Yahoo search is fixed.
I. Improved compatability with Win XP & IE8.
I. Double clicking on a keyword on the "Analyze Tab" will open your default web browser and search the keyword on Google.
II. Google Related Keyword & KwMap Related Keywords tools can now search for multiple seed keywords at once.
I. Keyword volume & competition values will be -1 by default when starting analyzing.
Some keywords don't have any search volume, so users think the tool didn't work when they see "0" in the volume & competition values.

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Apr 23 2013, 7:02 AM
KeywordXtreme v4 is Now Live!
After a one week delay the new version is now live.

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Apr 1 2013, 8:41 AM
KeywordXtreme v4
KeywordXtreme v4 is set to be released on 14th of April. Current customers will start to get it a week before the release.<br /><br />Volkan&nbsp;

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